February Moon

the quarter moon...
the vibrant, larger than life Feb. moon that has been frolicking with Venus, of late
so full of radiance in its shadows, that craters and lakes are visible to the naked eye
this clear evening

well, that same moon
is chasing the setting sun this very moment
a sun that lights the underbelly of a passing dove
in its waning orange glow

last season/year seedlings still cling
to the now bare branches
as fluorescent green grass sprouts from a rare recent rain
and all is rustled by a gentle, cool breeze as earth rotates a bit

it is that magical dusky moment
that i love perhaps most...of the day
and a rarer moment, i have to enjoy it this way

sparrow position themselves for the evening
in the neighbors orange tree
amid this seasons blossoms and last seasons fruit

the alleyway electric poles
peer like crosses
through another neighbors thinned Pepperberry  tree

and i
like the whitened, weathered piece of driftwood before me
succumb to another waning evening
my thoughts on fire like the Gladiolus blooms