Glass Eye Dream

dreamt of glass eye
in my dream, someone was starting to place a glass eye in my left eye. 
i was thinking (as this was happening) - this sure is different 
when it is actually happening,  from my thinking of it, 
even though this was actually in a dream.
so i looked up on Google: “dream glass eye”
  • there is a need for you to have a better view of a situation around you.
  • If you had a glass eye during sleep is because you show people too much, and that makes you more vulnerable. You have to consider to be more reserved.
  • Good news if you are dreaming that you have a glass eye then you will get good news from a friend, or sometimes an advantageous business deal which will bring you property.
  • The right eye in a dream speaks to outer life while the left speaks to inner life. This means your vision is about how you see outer life, your vision of life. Glass in a dream is symbolic of objectivity, for we see through glass, but cannot touch what we see. … Objectivity