June heat wave

let’s see, i awoke and opened the back door on an outside world that was early-morning cooler than the inside (finally). Quita and Baby Dirt, were able to frolick in the grass for awhile (as is their early morning routine). The flowers, vegetables and fruit trees have received todays’ share of liquid nourishment (a good solid watering before the day’s heat), and my mood has returned to its general optimistic self.

You see, i can’t stand the heat. and when i say that i don’t mean that i don’t like the sunshine. i mean that when it gets over 80, i get nauseus, depressed and downright insufferable. i lose my appetite, energy and good will. for the last 4 days it has been over 100°F -topping around 117°F, and all the while the city DWP lost power to this region, so that the inside (me and the cats) were left sitting at around 90° with no power. i didn’t sleep at all, till the 3rd day out of xhaustion. Power was resumed yesterday, i have my fingers crossed for the rest of the summer (which hasn’t started yet!)

This morning was cool enough that one of the window air conditioners (set to 75°) powered off (no central air in this old house). It was a moment of peace, and with that a more elevated state of mind has returned.