Paper Soul

when i left
i didn’t take much
but my papers and desk.

when felt overwhelmed
i spent much time
at my papers and desk.

when i felt away from the path
i lost the desk
but carried the papers in a small moving box.

when i found help
we were able to organize
and edit my papers.

when my path seemed clear
i added more papers,
in journals and such.

when each day dawns
i go from my head to paper,
then toss the paper on top of the pile.

when i open the closet now,
it is head to toe papers
that i sift through periodically.

when i read my papers
much of the circumstances
are lost or seem inconsequential.

when i read my papers
i realize how long it takes
to develop a tone with experience.

when i am gone,
these papers will be tossed to the wind
or burned, as with the lessons within
i have taken to another form (with my soul)