2020 Solstice

2020 – year ending, a solstice, the darkest day, the waiting with hope for the renewal of life

2020 has made it extraordinarily hard to be positive with wave upon wave of negative news, while still unearthing many spiritually positive guides and goals, life affirming people doing life-affirming things for/with others

All of us, with the necessity of sitting more still than many have ever allowed ourselves, we find gratitude in simplicity of the small, common moments that comprise life

We come to new thoughts out of individual loss, the lists of those passed and those living with suffering : the unlocking the drawers and closets of the unfinished past and tossing what no longer applies : we create new rituals of gratitude, with more voices combined, in harmony orchestrally, while acknowledging  the variety of many songs poured in

Everything is change … the arc of time … the reality is … where we are

Not running away from chaos, it is a running towards and shaping chaos – respect the shadow – respect the dynamics of change which at its heart is weaving together massive differences of experience : bring compassion with clarity, having the comfort in knowing everything will change

That this is all part of the journey