a change in weather

from my booklet “words within 2018”

a winter of rain here, a winter of snow where you are
both of us slow down, mother natures' way
allowing you to sit with yourself a while
there, be it inspiration or boredom or some combination of both

afteryou have twirled and pulled at your hair a while,
holding stray strands between proximal phalanx of both hands,
you may just take a few loosened tangles for beading,
for inclusion into your nest of loosely wound reeds, yarn, feather,
dried grasses, blossoms, and other found objects,
your collections
you weave into and through the grey days

or in the coming months of quiet
hearing words out of silence,
hearing words in the way the wind slams
fragments of broken branches, loose dirt
against the cedar siding
against the vibrating metal of the fireplace flu,
against the windows shaking,
hearing the words that you now put to paper
that haven't been used as tinder for the fire, yet

as you stare out the window at the
endless grey and white between trunks of black and silver adler
there is satisfaction in knowing that
this slowing, this quiet contemplation
is mother nature's intention