Blackberries On Sale Until Friday

from my booklet “words within 2018”

At Chuck’s a flat of blackberries
are on sale until Friday July 27, 
so the white writing on the small black shelf display states.
As i decide on this impulse purchase, two women
(who are engaged in their own discussions and appear to be friends) approach the same display. 
one exclaims “Look at the size of that fruit!”, while looking
in my general direction.
“They melt in your mouth.” i reply. "Try one".
“Oh, but i could never consume the entire flat” one of the women adds.
so i proceed to tell them my new found method for freezing berries,
on a cookie rack,
flat and separate them, once frozen bag them.
They nod their heads in genuine agreement.
Then we each proceed on our way
down the aisle in different directions
toward the next random friendly conversation
in this city of friendly, unassuming strangers.