it’s coming on Christmas

ok so it’s officially December, 2020. The month that escalates with the energy of giving thanks. And there is much to be thankful for - each breathe, each connection. The month reaches out and touches the year end with the energy of presence giving. Though this year has had waves of disclosures and priority rearranging, as well as emotionally laden letting go, it has also brought out a continued resilience and deeper understanding of our connection to, and purpose within these circumstances, and this community, on this earth.

Throughout the year, I have had no direct contact with my extended family of friends, yet I have had more online conversations, and daily thoughts with each of you. I am thankful for all the moments you have shared with me, all the little moments that make our daily life (the conversations, shared photos, Facetimes, and Zoom teas) that become our memory. I am also thankful for the thoughtful silences and the silences without thought.
This has been a year of growth by letting go and going with the flow.

with all this said, this year will not be a year of “present” giving for me, but of “presence” sharing with each of you. Looking forward to lengthy conversations, current interest photos, recipe exchanging, lots of laughter, new year projections* and a continued sharing of this gift of life as we end out this year. So give me a call, send your family gathering photos, catch me on FaceTime, reach out and if I’m not on my knees in the wet earth, or on my back staring at the moon, we can each share a piece of our hearts and minds.

❤️  roxanne

*2021 will be much easier on all of us (fingers crossed)