Late night conversation, post thoughts

I think i was talking in my sleep last night. i heard you talking back so it must have been real. What a pleasure and energy uplift it is talking with you.

This morning i look out past the newly poured patio.
Light rain is falling on it.
Light rain is falling on everything, adding a few more leaves that the trees have let go.

I look East out the french doors, into the morning light, as i wait for the coffee to settle in the fresh press. The first visitor that i visually notice (various bird talk has been echoing from the back field) has been this one scruffy squirrel. He scurries along the tops of the faded worn fence boards, drops down to the yard, leaps up on two Maple tree trunks, circles the trunk ascending to the high branches, where he practices acrobatics from thin limb to limb, then reverses down the tree again, where he deftly investigates under each rock and fallen leaf on the ground, in search of seed to store. I have seen him sit with puffed cheeks, wondering if there is one more thing he can stuff in his mouth. Then he leaves the same way he came, over the fence, out to the open field and some secret hiding place he calls home.

Watching him this morning made me think of us. A lot of energy is dispersed during our conversations. As we both left to sleep last night, the energy of our words settled into dreams.

This morning, I think of our late night conversation. I take a few sips of coffee. then I close my eyes in morning meditation. In between the repeated mantra, snippets of our conversation surface. And the energy of our exchanged thoughts, that had solidified during sleepy dreams, now become plans.

I laugh thinking how we are a bit like the scruffy backyard squirrel. We exchange, through words, our view of the world in the love that we recognize around us (we find and store the worlds' seeds). In our minds the ideas churn into a purpose using that love and understanding.
When we share with each other this “food for thought”, somehow miraculously this sharing of ideas expands the energy each of us now has.

one last post thought, you are the first person i am calling (after Bill 😂 ) when i win the lottery.