Let there be light

Everything is going just fine. It is early morning, and my creative juices have kicked into gear after twenty minutes of inspirational surfing through twitter, facebook and linkedin. Like most mornings, it is quiet so far as the major portion of coworkers have yet to infiltrate the building with jabber. I have, at this point in the morning, a large open mind of space and creative energy flowing and it is time to start focusing all that energy on the project at hand. That is until…

I hear, from around the corner, those distinct heels marching in this direction. They are not soft rubber soled shoes that are headed in my direction. They are the clickety clack of hard soles against the bare concrete floor alley way that winds behind me. i know what they are bringing, which causes me to start to perspire. my blood pressure rises with the thoughts that race through my head, as the sounds of those heels grow louder and louder with each step.

Until this very second, the office space has been a refuge of thought and ideas. And now…

I can almost see the imperceptible shadow as a hand reaches out towards a wall switch, and with an inaudible click the overhead factory type lights are all switched on, flooding the room with stark white light and reflections everywhere. My monitor that once held a deep space of code and color, is now flooded with reflections of flourescent tubing. From some angles I am staring back at myself, and I look now, like I feel… drained of creative juices…a bug on the factory floor. Without knowing the reasons, working in a less than optimal creative environment, with distracting reflections no matter what angle the head is turned.

That *phhhut* sound was the last happy breathe leaving my lungs. To be replaced with the flourescent heated recycled air now rising with the lighting around the room.