RWD Thinking

Forget pixel perfect screen mock-ups. They are not a useful option anymore.

  • structure the content
  • structure the content functionality hierarchies
  • produce a pattern library
  • and a style guide of building blocks

Stop thinking about “page” layouts. The layouts are complex patterns  of content blocks allowing the user to complete a specific level task or gather increasing levels of content details. Complete control of layout across all devices – won’t happen.

Start thinking of specs as documenting the building blocks  without specifying layout. We have been doing this for a while now…

Start with simple grey boxes that describe the content, like this or the following.


Start thinking of information architecture. The amount of information the user needs to complete their goal at that point in the process. This allows the focus of communication to be on content priority NOT layout. It gives the client input with their expertise on the content and the UX professional input into the architecture, and workflow.

A good read on this perspective at Bold Perspective’s Blog “Professionals Don’t Show Clients Wireframes”