One day under the suns’ heat a huge part of the illusion we share with this reality passes, literally disappears.
a discerning ear may hear the stress crack in the glass even before we see it.
but on this day the stress line between the mind and heart has felt the shock and fractured.

As much as we learned to master the science, recognizing the transience of nature in her many tempered forms, while preparing for inevitable … the realization of the moment is the shattering gravity of a life lost.

With time and more heat, slowly we temper and anneal into a new form, a form that shows strength in its healed cracks and lines. A form that is aware and ever changed by its past, yet finding purpose in the reality of this moment, as the sun bends through this translucence,  and we share in the resulting glow, we are yet in awareness of the transient nature of this rotating source of light