How did you find us?

from my booklet “words within 2018”

on another train of thought, someone asked
"how did you find us?"

i come out of nowhere
i know no one
that is both my weakness and my strength

i must take life on it's own terms,
in many ways self contained,
although i have a large circle of influence, humbly acknowledged,
i am aware that i am unaware, and
if this doesn't work out,
i have nowhere and everywhere to go, so
always, i make my own best decision,
sometimes i am lucky,
and i find the rock with the oldest imprints,
just waiting to be picked up and wetted
to reveal its' secrets

i follow
what suits my intuition
which leads on a path with both demons and angels,
where survival is dependent
on knowing
the difference

i am at my best
when i am comfortable enough with my moments
that they are as effortless
the energy of a swirling dervish
beyond the physical, into the metaphysical,
in the flow

many profess to understand,
with them i practice patience, others
with any form of malice or greed
i simply move on, 
back to nowhere, from whence i came.

Knowledge is learning something every day.

Wisdom is letting go of something every day.

– Zen Proverb