it appears, i sit

Although it appears that I sit here, still
I move the air surrounding, with each breathe,
I pull the energy from the dark roots of the earth, 
there is mud under my nails and dried clay in my pores,

All of history resides in that compost, 
every gain and loss compacted under rain and ice, 
every dream realized or imagined,
Broken down to feed the next seed,
The next thought

I lower my tongue in an almost silent tigers breathe
release what is left over, tiny dust particle cloud
lightly spreads through the air, barely visible
carbon dioxide murmuration spreads out to the field beyond,

With eyes closed, I feel the movement of the wings 
of the backyard crows, jays, robins and sparrows,
closing in on the maple branches near me, they have felt my presence,
they talk amongst themselves, and call to me,
asking to once again set out a few crumbs for the start of this day,
once I am finished sitting still

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