Labor Day thoughts

I had been holding on to my dads’ flag around for 12 years now. Like many things waiting for the decision of what to do with it. Wanting to do something that brings honor to my dad, and a sense of peace to me in the decision.
When a friend mentioned that the firehouses will take flags and are always in need, the light went off in my head. That was two years ago.
I had been carrying my dads’ flag around in my car for 2 years. When i would pass firehouses in the valley, a couple of times i stopped, but they were all locked up, everyone gone to the fire i suppose. Then on my way home from a walk, i saw a fireman out front of the firehouse right down the street from me. He was fixing the sprinklers. He wiped his muddy hand and graciously accepted the flag. I don’t know if he was being polite or genuinely interested, but he asked where dad served, what war. Then he went on to tell me that the flags only last about 9 months, and after opening the box exclaimed that this was a good flag with real embroidered stars and would be flying soon.
It gives me a sense of pride now when i pass Station #100, and see the flag out.