surgery sisters

By the time i think to write to you…

Sally and Carol will both be out of the morphine induced calm of surgery, with new body parts, and hopefully less overall pain. “Overall pain” seems to be the operative phrase for old age.

Thousands more acres of trees, towns, structures, animal homes, etc. will have burned in the heat wave/fire storm happening on the West coast.

People in major cities, including Portland and Rochester, will still be on the streets in action for justice for all, BLM.

The freak early Sept. snow storm in CO will already be melted.

Mars will be retrograde in Aries, and who knows what the war planet will bring in impatient Aries, and it will still be September, and not yet officially fall.

In one respect, time stands still in this the year of Covid

Stillness never changes

In another respect, there is little time for so much change

change in attitudes, change in direction

Today, while i am thinking of you, my Rochester family,

I hope all these new body parts were ordered “to spec” and fit perfectly, and I hope your hearts are open and any gaps that need filling, are filled with love.