Mother’s Day Dream

I had this dream last night. I was going to this party at this castle house. Lyn must have
been there because I distinctly remember every door in the house was thick, hand detailed
wood with ornate hinges (what else would a castle have?) Inside it was lively and warm.
The smell of fresh cooked food wafting through the air. Many, many people were there,
I could hear multiple conversations coming from various rooms. The lighting was warm,
the light from several fireplaces was very welcoming.
Of course at some point in the dream, i knew where i was.
I was with your family, at your house, the most loving welcoming place i know!
Your love has not only filled many hours and days and thoughts,
it is in my dreams - when i think of what a loving family is!
So Happy Mother’s Day, to my dear friend who is a mother, a grand mother,
and a mother to many a wayward soul.