Small Talk

surgery sisters

By the time i think to write to you… Sally and Carol will both be out of the morphine induced calm of surgery, with new body parts, and hopefully less overall pain. “Overall pain” seems to be the operative phrase for old age. Thousands more acres of trees, towns, structures, animal homes, etc. will have …

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you jest?

sometimes, i think, i wish i knew what was going on in my mind, when out of the blue, of the quiet of nothingness, i become completely focused on some minute detail, searching through my resources doing further online research taking notes to share in hopes,  that what my vibrations and connections have revealed will …

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The sun setting and reflecting off the last high branches The wind moves reality Birds chirping evening thoughts Leaning back in this lounge Expectantly waiting for the rotational axis to reveal The new moon

Dear J*** 2020.08.03

Dear J***, Thank you for including me in your letter. I enjoy reading what you write, you have a heartfelt, insightful, yet playful writing style. i imagine that is like your personality, and imagine is all i can do at this point, not knowing you in person. Richard talked so much about you on his …

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fruits of labor

It’s that time of year again. Most of the figs are ripe (my biggest haul so far) from the 4 yr. old. And i’ve managed to keep the orchid, that i bought from Trader Joe’s, alive and into its’ second bloom.

Peace with the weeds

i’ve made peace with the weeds. they say the last stage of grief is acceptance. i have acceptance with my yard and its’ weeds. the all grass, green, manicured patch in the backyard, under the magnificent shade of a variety of trees has evolved with what is “natural” with 32 inches of rain and shade, …

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backyard fireworks

human freedom,not some story told, of old,but here nowour ever changing communitynot tolerated, but impassioned realityour cooperative rising upof strong love and compassion,that star reaches,that vibration is the dream,this story we tellwe are still creating.

Kelly got 40

(hip hop rythyming) Kelly younger self trends, Kelly love her fur friends white wicker room with her white rat on shoulder pet, up on the high shelf, the Peter Rabbit book collection and tea set, Kelly love the hairy sheep dog, thinks she’ll be a vet Kelly got the true friends, no love for the …

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