This moment

This morning’s meditation was wonderful,looking forward tothis momentand this moment

Sand Mandala Anniversary

“a sand mandala is meant to create a profound experience of compassion for any who attend. The positive effects of a sand mandala construction are believed to radiate out over the entire region, blessing the environment and the beings therein, in an effort for world peace.” It seems fitting reminder that today is 1 yr. …

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time for change

Some things never change, without any perceptible change,  Things do not change; we change. Change things, change is inevitable, change the course of history, change in attitudes, change in direction, change the world, change of pace, change in momentum, change is coming, policy change, change in expectations, change in position, change the channel, climate change, seasons change, change in …

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Night Fog

sometimes i wake in the middle of the night, i will walk around the house a bit, then open the back curtains to see what nature is doing, looking out to the back field.i am always surprised at the amount of reflected lights – house lights, street lights, as if we are uncomfortable with the …

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2020 Solstice

2020 – year ending, a solstice, the darkest day, the waiting with hope for the renewal of life 2020 has made it extraordinarily hard to be positive with wave upon wave of negative news, while still unearthing many spiritually positive guides and goals, life affirming people doing life-affirming things for/with others All of us, with …

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walking at night

This is my night photo to reflect on this wonderful poem Walking at Night – by Louise Gluck Now that she is old,the young men don’t approach herso the nights are free,the streets at dusk that were so dangeroushave become as safe as the meadow. By midnight, the town’s quiet.Moonlight reflects off the stone walls;on …

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it’s coming on Christmas

ok so it’s officially December, 2020. The month that escalates with the energy of giving thanks. And there is much to be thankful for – each breathe, each connection. The month reaches out and touches the year end with the energy of presence giving. Though this year has had waves of disclosures and priority rearranging, as …

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awareness with acceptance

Looking out on another hour of precipitation to the stone pathway, with the realization aside from flooding areas the wind blew leaf bare, and flooding areas the non-stop rain runs over mud and slippery rock, the stones of this path are not lined up acceptance that they are and acceptance that they are not

Sleeping arrangements

Growing up was a series of sleeping arrangements two parallel twin beds under the knotty pine finished slanted ceiling attic boards where we would make a game of finding pictures and make up stories out of the woods’ knots and on often humid summer eve’s when we should have been asleep we would wind open …

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the drive to pizza

a short but rare drive to my favorite local wood fired pizzaioli, a rare outing in time of Covid, wanting to make the most of the experience away from home, so taking the slower streets, going through the neighborhoods lined with landscaped hedges, trees, in various shades of red, yellow, mustard brown, and dark green …

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